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    U.S.A. Fiancee Visa Services

    What We Offer

    We offer complete service to guide you through the entire Fiancee Visa process.

    We ensure your documentation is correctly completed.
    We inform you and your fiancee about what will be taking place during the interview process. We send to your fiancee a list of "Questions most likely asked during the interview/ We make sure you know what documentation she will need prior to the invitation from the Embassy for her interview. This way she will have a "jump" on what is needed We tell you how to approach the interview and medical portions of the visa requirements. In short, your fiancee will have an "advantage" over others who are going through the interview process because of our guidance and advice. We give you a "personal" view of what is to occur, what questions will be asked and how your fiancee should act and react at this stage of the process to ensure acceptance of your Fiancee Visa application.

    We do everything necessary to make sure your Fiancee Visa application is approved the first time.

    We can also guide you and your fiancee through the maze of INS paperwork and documentation necessary after she arrives in the USA. We can advise you, guiding you through each step in the process after your wedding. We want you to have a long, happy life with your spouse and nothing brings us more joy than hearing about your marital bliss.

    Since we are not attorneys, and we do all the work ourselves, we do not need to charge the high fees that are typically charged by attorneys. Certainly, in some cases, where actual legal problems might exist, we will forthrightly recommend that an attorney is retained. But, if all you really need is help getting the documentation completed and filed, why spend a great deal of extra money for legal assistance you do not need? In fact, how many attorneys actually do this paperwork themselves? Many do not and forward the work to office staff or paralegal assistants. If you call an attorney for information, how likely is it that he/she will have immediate access to the answers you are seeking? We do the work, we answer the phone and e-mail - and we answer your questions.

    Our low fees have been and continue to represent a big savings and a help to our clients. We charge $500.00 for this Fiancee Visa assistance and $100.00 additional for any number of children. It doesn't matter if your fiancee has 1 child or 10 children! The additional cost is only $100.

    We accept payment by cashiers check, money order or personal check. (Checks must clear before any visa processing is done.)

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